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fabric_flower_bowls_for_tutorial_post_002_copytutorial_for_fabric_flower_bowl_045Poppy Lane shows how to make these little flower bowls that you can use in your sewing room, office, bathroom, or bedroom…any place where you need a little storage. They are easy to make with two pieces of fabric and a piece of fabric interfacing. Also check out her tutorial to make a heart wreath for Valentine’s.

whimsical_quilted_flowers_lgCraftstylish makes these nifty quilted flowers to add to a tote, make into a pin, or make a bunch for a bouquet. A great way to use up your scraps, and they’re really fast and easy. All you need are fabric and batting scraps, thread, and some small buttons. And a sewing machine, of course. You can find the instructions here.

pincushionbasketp1030350The blog dearfii has a couple of projects I found interesting. The first is for these little pin cushions. A sewer can never have too many places to put their pins…right? You can find the link to the PDF here. The second is for this fabric bowl or a wee little Easter egg bowl. This is so easy with fabric and glue. A nice project for kids and your fabric scraps. Here are the instructions.

cimg46481Flower Garden gives instructions to make a ready threader, which is a handly little holder to carry a spool of thread and some pins and needles when you carry a project along with you to the doctor’s office, the dentist, or a trip out of town. It’s also neat to carry a tube of lipstick or chap stick. Another great idea to help use up all those scraps we all save.

pict6013And finally, we can’t end without a new purse project. Heart of Mary has a nice project for her ‘finish it your way’ patchwork bag. You can find the how to’s here. The idea of ‘finish it your way’ means you have the choice about how to do the final bag assembly. You might want to leave the top open, as in a simple tote, or close it with a magnetic snap, button loop or zipper. You might add a flap. It’s up to you. Notice the ‘download tutorials’ button on the right side of the page? Be sure and click on it and check out her patterns for both a large and small messenger bag, a backpack, and her little angel doll. A great site!

Until next time!

My girls were home for a week. Actually, Jenifer was here for two as she’s on leave until she reports to her new duty station at the Port Arthur Marine Safety Office. We drove to Beaumont yesterday and helped her move into her new apartment. She isn’t scheduled to report for duty until the 24th, but she’s hoping if she reports early she may get a few days off at Christmas. She’s also hoping that she’ll up her chances if she volunteers to work on Thanksgiving. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

I have no pictures of their visit or any of the places we went as I misplaced my camera. I found it right before Michell left. And then I forgot to take it with me when we went to Beaumont yesterday. I wanted to get pictures of Jenifer’s new apartment.

img_06571They kept me busy during their visit. We went to the Ikea store in Katy as Jenifer needed some new things for her apartment. I noticed that the Katy store has a bigger fabric department than the one in Round Rock. I practiced great will power and didn’t buy any as I’m trying to use up some of the fabric I have before buying any new. Wishful thinking on my part. I did pick up two small toiletry bags as mine is falling apart. Once we get home I ended up making this one while Michell worked on a tote.

daisy003-594-1ffefickle_cvrWe went to the Houston Quilt Festival (I wish I had my camera!). I didn’t see anything this year that really excited me…other than the new Brother Quattro machine. Very impressive! Many of the booths were displaying quilts in browns and creams. I didn’t see very many bright colors this year. Does this have something to do with the economy? I didn’t buy any fabric or patterns. I did pick up some machine embroidery supplies, and Michell and I both picked up the supplies to make Ficklesticks. These are basically fabric covered floral wire that you then twist into different shapes: flowers, people, jewelry, sculptures, wall hangings. I’m thinking this is a nice project to take on a car trip. I can make up a whole bunch of fabric tubes and then put them together in the car or hotel room.

Roger made it home from his trip on Saturday night so he got to spend some time with Michell before she left.  He was happy to be home after being gone two weeks. We’re thinking about going to Houston this coming weekend. We’ve talked about going Saturday and coming home Sunday afternoon. He wants to go to the Bay Area Divers’ annual flea market, which was postponed from October because of Hurricane Ike. I’m hoping I can talk him into going to a few quilt stores (there goes my not buying any new fabric). It’s our usual trade off. I’ll go to scuba shops if he’ll go to quilt stores.

I haven’t got much digitizing done lately. I have a few weeks before the holiday rush sets in. I don’t think I’m going to make gifts this year. Of course, that’s subject to change because I may find a great project in a quilt store this coming weekend!

Until next time!

Well, I spent a little time wandering around the web and found a few neat projects that I filed away in my huge stack of papers that I really must go through one day. You may be interested in them too.

Pink Penguin shows how to make this reversible patchwork tote bag. You can find the tutorial here. I wonder how this would look made out of old tee shirts? I mentioned in an earlier post (Make this: #12) about Pink Penguin’s tutorial to make a fabric basket. I know some of you made her baskets and told me how easy her tutorial’s are.

For those of you who sell your crafts here’s a little tutorial on how to make your own labels. Even if you don’t sell your creations, it’s still nice to put in a label so that someone knows that you took the time to make them a special gift. The tutorial includes photos so it’s easy to follow. You’ll find that making your own labels is cheaper than having them custom made. 

L’arbre de Bobines tells you how to make this drawstring bag. Isn’t it so cute? I think these would make great little gift bags. I think the site is either French or Italian. The tutorial is in English but you may have to read parts of it two or three times in order to grasp what you’re supposed to do. Still, it looks easy enough to follow. Plus, she says you can contact her if you have problems or questions.

Here’s a couple of pin cushions that will look nice in your sewing room and look easy to make. UK lass in US has a tutorial for the apple here, and you can find the instructions for the pear here. She also has this tutorial for a fabric doll house that will make a nice Christmas gift for a little girl.

Finally, some nifty projects disappeared from the Kunin Felt website when they reorganized. Blossom the bear and Skippy the rabbit were some cute ones from 2000. You can find Blossom here, and Skippy is here. I found these links through Silver Seams Open Source Sewing. If you sell your crafts then you need to check this site. Her patterns are available for you to make and sell. Here is what she says,

Some years back, I decided there was a need for “open source” sewing patterns – not just free instructions on the web with a “You can use this but don’t resell the results” afterthought, but properly licensed stuff like I use when I’m wearing my software developer hat. Since then, the potential for hobby crafters to sell their work has only increased (Etsy, etc.), so there’s more need than ever for the ability to sell stuff without worrying about getting a special dispensation from the pattern designer, or worrying about a C&D or a DMCA takedown notice.

I hope you’ll try your hand at some of these projects. Until next time!

I’ve been out of pocket since the weekend. Here’s the reason: 

We’re calling her ‘little girl’ because she’s not going to stay with us long. She’s already been adopted by a family in Louisiana and is staying with us just long enough to get her vaccinations and get ‘fixed’. We expect she’ll be with us about a month. She’s four months old and has just a ‘little’ bloodhound in her. You can see it in her ears but that’s about it. She’s a cutie and not afraid of the three big boys!

I’ve spent some time sewing on the denim quilt. Here’s some of the finished blocks. I’m going to embroider one of the denim blocks with ‘Jenifer’s jeans’. I wonder if I should add the size so one day she’ll have proof that she actually wore sizes 0, 1, and on up to 5? When you get a little older it’s hard to imagine that you actually wore those small sizes. Okay, I never wore a 0, 1 or a 5, but at one time, many years ago, I did wear a size 7. I’m not looking forward to snipping all those seams. I think I’m suffering from ‘painter’s wrist’ and ‘painter’s thumb’ (is there such a thing?) from all the house painting.

 Until next time!

Do you want to find other quilters or quilting bloggers in your country, province or state? Then check this site out. You may find a blog you haven’t visited yet.

Until next time!



 I spent some time today looking over some of my favorite sites to see what’s been added. Found lots of new goodies and things to make.

Quiltville has plenty of free patterns and tutorials. I’m especially interested in how to make maverick stars, which are made with the tiniest of scraps—and I have plenty of those. The newest free quilt pattern is Out On a String. Check the site out; I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.

Emily at Inside a Black Apple was recently on Martha Stewart and showed how to make her cute Black Apple Doll. I enjoy visiting here because she always creates the neatest things and has the coolest pictures.

four twin sisters is a great site for applique patterns. They send a free fat quarter if you send in a photo of a finished block from one of their patterns. I’ve received quite a few cute, cute fat quarters from them.


One of my favorite places to visit is Pat Sloan’s Quilter’s Home. She’s currently doing a Farmer’s Market BOM. While you’re there, be sure and check out the free BOM for Remember…It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere. She has several other free patterns you’ll be interested in, as well as some you can buy. Until next time.

Let’s go sew!



Here’s a few more ideas to try. I keep a file of all these neat things, but I’m not sure I’ll ever get through them! Just like my fabric. I keep adding to my stash, but I don’t think I’ll ever use it all.

 Chocolate on My Cranium has this cute tote bag to make, and also this reversible tote.

Wise Craft has a rice pillow that looks easy to make. ~E Made This filled her’s with buckwheat hulls and lavendar. A few years ago I found the Cherry Pit store where you can buy cherry pits to fill your pillows. According to their site, cherry pits can retain and slowly release moist heat or stay cold for a long period after being heated in a microwave or chilled in the freezer. They are all natural with no added chemicals. I haven’t bought any yet, but I still have this spot bookmarked under my favorites.

JCaroline Creative has this tute for a hobo bag. You can get directions at Ric Rac to make a quilt using your selvages. She’s also used her selvages to make a little tote. There aren’t any directions, but you can use any pattern. It makes a cute bag.

Meander Publishing is asking for help. At HMQS 2008, May 8–10, 2008, Meander Publishing and the show’s organizers are teaming up for the Cards for Kidsexhibit and sale, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) a non-profit organization founded in 1983 by the Osmond family and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The cards will be available at the show in the Meander Publishing Booth, #404, and will be offered for sale at $25.

Meander Publishing is asking quilters to donate a quilted postcard, 4″ × 6″, with a children’s theme. The cards can be stitched, embroidered, painted, beaded, felted and embellished in any way. Use your creativity! Be sure that any three-dimensional embellishments are securely attached. Sign your card and include your city and state or country. No other rules except be generous and have fun! Multiple card donations cheerfully accepted!

Cards can be sent to:

                Meander Publishing
                Cards For Kids
                PO Box 918
                Fort Lupton, CO 80621

Cards must be received no later than April 25, 2008. You can email Meander Publishing at if you have any questions. Until next time.

 Let’s go sew!


I’ve spent some time on the computer this afternoon and found some great projects to try. You might find some of these of interest too. The first is this cool wallet from that*darn*kat. I found this tutorial from for creating your own bunting. This one also has tutorials on printing your own fabric—which I really want to try—and how to make patchwork circle appliques—I love to applique. Lindamade has some easy potholders to make from old cocktail napkins. Very cute! I know aprons are one of the latest crazes, but they don’t spark my interest. I’ve never hung out in the kitchen making huge meals, and Roger has, over the years, come to accept this—sometimes sadly, sometimes grudgingly—but I’ve finally convinced him that a bologna sandwich is delicious and nutritious when you add a lettuce leaf and a slice of tomato. So I really have no use for an apron but, my homemaking skills aside, my longest year has a nice tutorial for a half apron that you might be interested in. Until next time.

Let’s go sew!

candy.jpgWe had a fun time in Houston yesterday. We met up with our daughter, had breakfast, and then we went to the scuba expo. My husband picked up quite a bit of information on diving parks and resorts. He’s a dive instructor and dive master so he’s always looking for new places to go. Jenifer and I put some bids on a few things at the silent auction. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that no one outbid us. Once we finished at the dive show, we went on to the quilt shop. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anything there that just sparked my interest, but I did pick up a book on needle felting, a few patterns for greeting cards, and a small kit with boats that Jenifer asked me to make for her. We ran across a Half Price bookstore and made a quick stop. I love these stores! I always come out of one of these stores with a stack of books to read. Once we finished there we found a small sandwich shop, Which Wich?, that just opened on Friday. They make the best sandwiches. You pick your bread, meat, cheese, dressing, etc. We decided that we’d have to go again the next time we’re in Houston.Today is just kind of a lazy day for us. The sun has finally come out today after two weeks of cold, clouds and rain. Hopefully, it will stay this way for a while. I’m not a winter person so I’m ready for spring to make a return. I’ve added a candy design that you can download. Just check the box.

Let’s go sew!

gifts.jpg I’m taking the plunge into blogging! We’ll see how it goes. I work full-time, and I spend a lot of my free time sewing. At one time I sewed clothing, but these days I enjoy quilting. I especially enjoy combining machine embroidery with my quilting projects. However, I lost my ‘muse’ sometime around the holidays, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere! I’m looking for that special sewing project to get me going again. I’ve got lots of ideas running around in my head, but I can’t seem to get started on any of them. Well, until then I’ll keep digitizing embroidery designs to use one day. Roger and I are planning a trip to Houston tomorrow. He wants to attend a scuba diving expo, and I plan to stop in at one of the quilt shops on the way. Surely I’ll find something to spark my creativity. We’re also meeting our youngest daughter, Jenifer, for some lunch and to spend the afternoon together. She’s in the Coast Guard stationed at Sabine Pass near Galveston. Here’s something I digitized for Christmas. You can change the colors to whatever you need.

Let’s go sew!

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