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Make this: #19

Posted on: October 23, 2008

Well, I spent a little time wandering around the web and found a few neat projects that I filed away in my huge stack of papers that I really must go through one day. You may be interested in them too.

Pink Penguin shows how to make this reversible patchwork tote bag. You can find the tutorial here. I wonder how this would look made out of old tee shirts? I mentioned in an earlier post (Make this: #12) about Pink Penguin’s tutorial to make a fabric basket. I know some of you made her baskets and told me how easy her tutorial’s are.

For those of you who sell your crafts here’s a little tutorial on how to make your own labels. Even if you don’t sell your creations, it’s still nice to put in a label so that someone knows that you took the time to make them a special gift. The tutorial includes photos so it’s easy to follow. You’ll find that making your own labels is cheaper than having them custom made. 

L’arbre de Bobines tells you how to make this drawstring bag. Isn’t it so cute? I think these would make great little gift bags. I think the site is either French or Italian. The tutorial is in English but you may have to read parts of it two or three times in order to grasp what you’re supposed to do. Still, it looks easy enough to follow. Plus, she says you can contact her if you have problems or questions.

Here’s a couple of pin cushions that will look nice in your sewing room and look easy to make. UK lass in US has a tutorial for the apple here, and you can find the instructions for the pear here. She also has this tutorial for a fabric doll house that will make a nice Christmas gift for a little girl.

Finally, some nifty projects disappeared from the Kunin Felt website when they reorganized. Blossom the bear and Skippy the rabbit were some cute ones from 2000. You can find Blossom here, and Skippy is here. I found these links through Silver Seams Open Source Sewing. If you sell your crafts then you need to check this site. Her patterns are available for you to make and sell. Here is what she says,

Some years back, I decided there was a need for “open source” sewing patterns – not just free instructions on the web with a “You can use this but don’t resell the results” afterthought, but properly licensed stuff like I use when I’m wearing my software developer hat. Since then, the potential for hobby crafters to sell their work has only increased (Etsy, etc.), so there’s more need than ever for the ability to sell stuff without worrying about getting a special dispensation from the pattern designer, or worrying about a C&D or a DMCA takedown notice.

I hope you’ll try your hand at some of these projects. Until next time!


4 Responses to "Make this: #19"

I clicked on the link for the next blog from my blog page and found yours. I love sewing so I was thrilled to read some of your “make this” ideas. Nice blog!

Thanks, Nancy! What’s your blog name? I’d like to visit it.

I’m a fourth grade teacher. My blog is my journal of life in our fourth grade

I would love to have a craft blog too. I follow a lot of the same blogs you have listed and bookmarked yours in my list.

Hi, your blog is amazing. and thanks for your comments on my blog. you are the first one made comment in my blog. and I’m so surprised that when I saw it. because I think nobody can read my poor English. I rarely did sewing work in my own country. but I now I can because I have lot of spare time. I like it.

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