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I’ve been missing…again! Where to start?

We found out that our dog, Hemi, had oral malignant melanoma. We took him in to get his teeth cleaned, and the vet found a mass in the back of his throat. Fortunately, the vet school here at Texas A&M thinks they removed the whole mass during surgery; however, oral melanoma is the one most likely to spread. We’ve started him on the new canine cancer vaccine, which has a 25% success rate compared to chemo at less than 20%, and it also has less side effects than chemo. He’ll have to take the vaccine for the rest of his life, but what do you do? He’s a member of the family. Here’s a picture of Hemi is one of his more statelier moments. He’s usually got his face to the ground and his butt in the air waiting for you to scratch him in his favorite spot.

In the middle of September I had to put together a scholarship banquet for work. It’s not easy trying to get a couple of hundred college students to let you know whether they’ll attend or not. They can’t seem to grasp the fact that they need to go in order to meet the donor who gave them the funds to help with school. Well, at least that’s over for another year. I have an awards banquet in the spring that I’m just starting to plan. Fortunately, it’s not quite so difficult to get people to RSVP for this one.

‘Little Girl’ (who we finally named Missy) was adopted by a Texas A&M student who was looking for a shepherd. He fell in love with her and took her home. We’re keeping Cooper for a week. My sister, Debbie, was fostering him. He was pretty skinny when she got him, and he looks much better in this photo, which was taken a month or so after she brought him home. Roger leaves for a meeting in Las Vegas this Saturday and is taking Cooper to his new family. He is a big dog and all puppy. Roger’s driving with Cooper so I can just imagine what a fun trip he’s going to have.

In between Roger and I made a quick trip to Ikea when they had book shelves on sale. I got two of these book shelves and a desk in black and white to match. I also bought the doors to cover the bottom three shelves on each unit. They aren’t actually quite so wild looking once you get stuff on the shelves! My sewing tables are white so it all looks quite nice in the room. I’m not sure what we were thinking. As you know, we’re slowly painting the inside of the house, and we should have painted my sewing room before putting the furniture together and placing it in the room.

We spent a Saturday at the Round Top Antique Festival. We’ve never gone before and thought we’d go to see what it was like. The festival runs for one week, and we went the first weekend. Everything wasn’t open yet, and we still didn’t see it all. Although most of the places had true antiques, we decided early on that we needed to look at some of the stuff with a critical eye. We saw so many booths selling the same nautical ship wheels (nautical must be the next big thing), and honestly, you’d think people would take off the ‘made in China’ stickers before trying to sell their goods as antiques. However, it wasn’t a wasted trip. I found this old Singer cast iron sewing stool in one of the first booths we looked in. I’ve only seen one other at an antiques store years ago. I’ve cleaned it up and I’m using it in my sewing room.

I have squeezed in some digitizing. Here’s a Halloween voodoo design you can use against someone who’s made you mad…or you could just put it on a shirt. I have three more of these for sale on my new Etsy site. Look for IsleBStitching.

Until next time!

Where have I been? Well, where to start? ‘Little girl’ got sick so we had to keep her isolated from the three boys, which wasn’t easy. The vet thought it was probably a bronchial infection, but because she came out of a Houston shelter it could possibly have been kennel cough or distemper. Hemi, the big boy, was also fighting an infection, which he’s had for several months. He was put on a stronger antibiotic, which made him feel so bad that he stopped eating. Roger and I have played nurse and nanny all this week. Both of them are both doing better, so hopefully everything will get back to normal. Unfortunately, we’ve decided that ‘little girl’ has no bloodhound in her. We think she may have beagle and german shepherd in her background. She’s going to move to an all breed foster home in Austin later this week for adoption to a new family. I hate to see her go…she’s so cute. I say that about almost every dog we foster, but we can’t keep them all, and I know that they go to a family that’s just perfect for them.

Roger and I are going to Oklahoma this coming weekend…a quick trip. If you remember, Michell is the head pastry chef for the Cancer Institute Hospital in Tulsa. She’s participating in Chefs for a Cure at a big food show this weekend, and the head chef has asked that all the chefs’ mothers to come. This way people can see where all these chefs got their inspiration to choose culinary arts as a career. I’m afraid they’re going to be disappointed in me. As you know, I just don’t cook. Oh, I made sure my girls ate healthy and didn’t go to bed hungry, but I’m afraid Michell only learned the basics from me. I have no signature dishes that make my girls say, ‘Boy, Mom’s a good cook!’

I got the new PE-Design 8 this weekend and played around with it this afternoon. Here’s a little ghost I did. You can download it and give it a try. I actually went into the shop to look at the new Brother Quattro. Not that I was planning on buying, but I’ve heard so much about it that I wanted to see what it was like. If any of you have one please let me know what you think of it. I’m planning on waiting for the second or third generation of these so some of the ‘bugs’ will be worked out before I buy. Unfortunately, the shop didn’t have any of the machines, but they had just received the new PE-Design on Friday. I haven’t tried all the new features, but I like what I’ve tried so far.

Until next time!

I’ve been out of pocket since the weekend. Here’s the reason: 

We’re calling her ‘little girl’ because she’s not going to stay with us long. She’s already been adopted by a family in Louisiana and is staying with us just long enough to get her vaccinations and get ‘fixed’. We expect she’ll be with us about a month. She’s four months old and has just a ‘little’ bloodhound in her. You can see it in her ears but that’s about it. She’s a cutie and not afraid of the three big boys!

I’ve spent some time sewing on the denim quilt. Here’s some of the finished blocks. I’m going to embroider one of the denim blocks with ‘Jenifer’s jeans’. I wonder if I should add the size so one day she’ll have proof that she actually wore sizes 0, 1, and on up to 5? When you get a little older it’s hard to imagine that you actually wore those small sizes. Okay, I never wore a 0, 1 or a 5, but at one time, many years ago, I did wear a size 7. I’m not looking forward to snipping all those seams. I think I’m suffering from ‘painter’s wrist’ and ‘painter’s thumb’ (is there such a thing?) from all the house painting.

 Until next time!

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Where should I start? Last Saturday we drove to Post, Texas, which is just outside Lubbock, and almost a seven hour drive from home. We delivered Coco to her new family, who drove about the same distance from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here are the last photos I took of her before she left.

Please ignore all the water on the wall in the photo of Moose and Coco drinking. Coco does enjoy a long, cool drink of water, and she also enjoys tossing it all over the floor, the wall, herself, and any other dog that just happens to be near.

On our way home we got behind this guy, and he was not happy to be in this trailer.

If you remember, a few weeks ago we took Jenifer our old washer and dryer. While we there I visited a couple of quilt stores in the area. I didn’t buy anything in the first one, but I picked up these fat quarters in the second one. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time in this shop because my ‘traveling companions’ were getting quite bored and ready to move on.

I’ve spent a small fortune on gas the last few weekends. I plan to stay home this next weekend; however, Roger’s planning a trip to Houston to see his dad. He’s planning to take his Jeep, with the top off, and I find nothing enjoyable or fun about riding through blast furnace temperatures with the hot wind whipping through my hair. I’m not even going to discuss the bugs splatting off the windshield!

Until next time!

It’s Monday again. I got to work this morning and my mouse wouldn’t work. I banged it around quite a bit, and it still didn’t see things my way. Come to find out, it just needed a new battery, but there were no batteries in the supply cabinet. I made the rounds of my co-workers until I finally found someone who had one tucked away in their desk drawer. I forgot to pick up my keys when I left work so tomorrow morning I’ll have to hunt someone up who can let me into my office. 

I’m going into work late tomorrow as I have to drop Moose off at the vet. He’s having eye surgery. His tear ducts are blocked, and the medicine we’ve given him over the last few months hasn’t worked as intended. Moose is twelve years old, and we really had to ask ourselves if this was a wise thing to do; however, he still plays with the other dogs, and he runs across the yard when it’s time to come in the house. He usually spends more time in the house than out and just sleeps the day away. I know he’s going to be very grouchy in the morning because he’s not going to get his breakfast kibble, which means I’m going to have to drag him into the vet’s office. Wouldn’t you know I have a meeting tomorrow morning, and I’ll show up covered in dog hair. I’ll wear brown and that should hide most of it.

I fully intended to come home this evening and start sewing…something! But Roger was starving, ravenous so we went out for dinner. I finished up this design when I got home. I got a pattern for a makeup bag and plan to use this when I sew it up. I’m thinking the bag will make a neat little gift. The design sews out very nice. I’ve put it in the downloads so you can use it if you like.

Until next time!

If you remember, I picked up Coco in Oklahoma and brought her home with us to foster. Coco’s original owner’s gave her up because she chewed. Coco is a seven-month old puppy. And Coco is a handful! 

Fortunately, Coco has fit right in with the boys. They certainly show a lot of patience with her. When she’s not sleeping, she’s jumping on them, chewing on their noses and ears, or teasing them into playing with her. Moose and Hemi have only growled at her once…so far. Jake just takes it all, but with such a hang dog look (no pun intended) on his face. I think he’ll be very happy when we find Coco a permanent home.

Coco has no manners. She’s learned to sit, and we’re working on stopping her from jumping up on us when she gets excited. She knows she has to go into her crate to eat and sleep. Of course, bribing her with treats helps tremendously.

Coco’s cute and Coco’s funny, and we won’t have any trouble finding her a new family that will enjoy her and give her the love that she deserves.

Until next time! 


Coco has a new home! A family in New Mexico is adopting Coco. She’ll be moving in around mid-July. This is a wonderful family, and they are excited about getting Coco.


Posted on: May 5, 2008

This is Coco. It isn’t a very good picture because this was taken while she was in a shelter in Yukon, Oklahoma. Coco loves people, dogs, and cats. She’s a beautiful black and tan with absolutely gorgeous eyes. Coco is seven months old and was given up by her owner because she chewed. Can you imagine! Isn’t that what puppies do? As Rescue Coordinator for the South Central Bloodhound Club, the shelter contacted me and asked if we would take Coco. We’ll find her a good home. Her new family will appreciate what a gem they have in Coco.

My sister, Debbie, lives close to Yukon so she picked up Coco from the shelter. Coco is now at home with Debbie playing with Bruno the Boxer, and they are having a great time together. She’ll stay with my sister until we go visit for Memorial Day, and then Coco will come home with Roger and me. I’ll post some better pictures of Coco then.

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

 Until next time!

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