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Posted on: November 9, 2008

My girls were home for a week. Actually, Jenifer was here for two as she’s on leave until she reports to her new duty station at the Port Arthur Marine Safety Office. We drove to Beaumont yesterday and helped her move into her new apartment. She isn’t scheduled to report for duty until the 24th, but she’s hoping if she reports early she may get a few days off at Christmas. She’s also hoping that she’ll up her chances if she volunteers to work on Thanksgiving. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

I have no pictures of their visit or any of the places we went as I misplaced my camera. I found it right before Michell left. And then I forgot to take it with me when we went to Beaumont yesterday. I wanted to get pictures of Jenifer’s new apartment.

img_06571They kept me busy during their visit. We went to the Ikea store in Katy as Jenifer needed some new things for her apartment. I noticed that the Katy store has a bigger fabric department than the one in Round Rock. I practiced great will power and didn’t buy any as I’m trying to use up some of the fabric I have before buying any new. Wishful thinking on my part. I did pick up two small toiletry bags as mine is falling apart. Once we get home I ended up making this one while Michell worked on a tote.

daisy003-594-1ffefickle_cvrWe went to the Houston Quilt Festival (I wish I had my camera!). I didn’t see anything this year that really excited me…other than the new Brother Quattro machine. Very impressive! Many of the booths were displaying quilts in browns and creams. I didn’t see very many bright colors this year. Does this have something to do with the economy? I didn’t buy any fabric or patterns. I did pick up some machine embroidery supplies, and Michell and I both picked up the supplies to make Ficklesticks. These are basically fabric covered floral wire that you then twist into different shapes: flowers, people, jewelry, sculptures, wall hangings. I’m thinking this is a nice project to take on a car trip. I can make up a whole bunch of fabric tubes and then put them together in the car or hotel room.

Roger made it home from his trip on Saturday night so he got to spend some time with Michell before she left.  He was happy to be home after being gone two weeks. We’re thinking about going to Houston this coming weekend. We’ve talked about going Saturday and coming home Sunday afternoon. He wants to go to the Bay Area Divers’ annual flea market, which was postponed from October because of Hurricane Ike. I’m hoping I can talk him into going to a few quilt stores (there goes my not buying any new fabric). It’s our usual trade off. I’ll go to scuba shops if he’ll go to quilt stores.

I haven’t got much digitizing done lately. I have a few weeks before the holiday rush sets in. I don’t think I’m going to make gifts this year. Of course, that’s subject to change because I may find a great project in a quilt store this coming weekend!

Until next time!


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