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My banquet is finally over for another six months. All went well. I’ll do it again in another six months. I do a scholarship banquet in the fall for donors and students, and I do an awards banquet in the spring that recognizes faculty, staff and outstanding former students in the department. Now that this banquet is out of the way, I’ll start working on the spring/summer newsletter for former students and the annual report for 2007.

I haven’t done much on my computer for the last week or so and haven’t even turned on my sewing machines. I came home tonight and did this little design. I’m practicing my red work…it frustrates me so trying to figure out the exact path to follow. I think I’m making it more complicated than it actually is. As they say: practice makes perfect.

Next weekend I’m meeting my mom, sister, niece, and oldest daughter at the Ikea store in Dallas. Jenifer’s trying to get the weekend off so she can go with me, but she tells me it’s a little ‘iffy’. I’m going to start sweet talking Roger into going. I really don’t like driving around Dallas by myself. He’s helping a friend with scuba classes every weekend in April, but I’m hoping he’ll give up one weekend for me. Wish me luck!

Well, I’m off to take a warm bath and then to bed. I haven’t worn heels in ages, and my feet are killing me!

Until next time!





I found these little designs that I did a while ago. These are small so they’ll work great on baby things. I’ve finished up some more designs and just need to test stitch to make sure they sew okay. I hope some of you can use them.

We finally had a Sunday at home. I spent most of the day doing little things that I haven’t had time to do in the last few weeks. I cleaned the refrigerator, cut dead leaves off my house plants, caught up on the laundry, and picked up some of the clutter that’s piled up. I have a lady who comes in every Monday to do light cleaning, so I spend every Sunday evening picking up and cleaning before she comes. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

I found a little time to get on the computer today. I’m trying to find time to get back to working on my web page.  I think our schedules have settled down for a little bit…at least at home. At work I have an awards banquet on April 18th that I need to start working on. I’ve already started planning, but now that it’s so close I’ll really be busy pulling it all together.

Better go tidy up for the cleaning lady!

Until next time.

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