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pansysquareNostalgic NeedleART shows you an easy technique to make ribbon pansies or violas. You can use them as an embellishment on a crazy quilt block, a purse, or a shirt. The pansy is made with the fine wire removed from the edge of both the flower’s ribbon and the flower center’s ribbon. Be sure and look at her crazy quilt blocks. She’s posted one for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. A great idea for a quilt. You can order a CD of her vintage postcards that she uses in her quilt blocks.

35_61Okay, here’s a different project. Get yourself a cute bra and a couple of yards of fabric, and you can make yourself a new party dress. DIY Style gives directions here.  Just make sure that when you purchase a bra for this project that you make sure the back of the bra is made with similar fabric or trim as the front. Nothing worse than having one with elastic that looks like your standard bra!

dsc_0341Bitty bits & pieces has posted this tutorial for her love notes heart. The pillows are like a little Valentine card mailbox (remember making those in school?) that you can hang on a chair, a doorknob, or a bedpost. Just stick your love notes in the pocket. At the bottom of the tutorials she’s posted some photos of hearts she’s made using decorator fabric, tassels, cording, braided trim, ribbons, and metallic charms.

6a00e54ef5ba8e883301053701acdb970b-320piChickpea Studio has a new tutorial for a pocket bag. Chickpea loves pocket bags because they are useful in preventing scratches from other things in your purse, they can be made in any size with no effort, they keep things clean, they use up all kinds of scraps, they use a ponytail elastic that comes in a lot of color options, and they need a button but no button holes! That last one is the best reason to like pocket bags. She has two different tutorials listed: one is a PDF and the other is a Word document.

I hope you’ll try some of these great tutorials. Until next time!


Goodness, where should I start? My apologies to all for being away so long. An explanation is surely in order but, unfortunately, there isn’t one. No broken sewing machines, no lack of fabric or patterns, no major family or work emergencies, and no exotic trips to far off locales (unless you’re one of those who count Oklahoma in December as exotic).

I’ve decided that I’m one of those people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression or winter blues. We have normal mental health (which, of course, depends on your definition of ‘normal’) throughout most of the year, but we experience depressive symptoms in the winter and, get this, we may sleep too much, have little energy, and crave sweets and starchy foods. Now I have a reason (with no guilt!) to eat my way through every bag of cookies, bag of candy, tub of cake icing, and carton of ice cream in the house.

I’ve not done a bit of sewing since late October/early November. I haven’t turned on my sewing machine, although I’ve heard him calling my name from time to time. The same with my poor, poor laptop. The little guys are missing me so. 

I found these projects on the internet the few times I turned on my computer. You may want to try some of them.

heartsachet1_lglpjanw3p2crochet9_lgCraftstylish has a tutorial showing how to make this fabric basket. You can use this soft coiled bowl to stow all your notions, threads, jewelry, and more.  There are step by step instructions with photos. With Valentine’s Day just ahead, check out their tutorial for this heart sachet. A set of of these are a great gift and a good way to use up your fabric scraps.

paint-chip-bookmarksAs I’ve said previously, we’re in the process of painting the inside of the house. Yes, we’re still painting the house. And, yes, we need to finish this project so we can move onto something else. We acquired quite a collection of chip cards from our days of picking colors for the house. Here’s a neat way to use them. How About Orange used old paint chip cards to make bookmarks. She says to just trim them to a size you like, paste two colors back-to-back with some rubber cement, attach a string or ribbon, and you’re done! They’re especially sturdy because the paper stock they’re printed on is very tough. Now you have no excuse to use old receipts, toothpicks, or food crumbs as bookmarks.

sewn-valentines-allvalentine-pins-beauty1Check out these two new Valentine projects from The Purl Bee. She gives these instructions for making your own sewn paper Valentines. These pretty little cards are a great way to use up the last little pieces from stash fabrics and any leftover thread you might have. Her other project is for these little Valentine pins. These little pins look like they are as fun to wear as they are to make, and is a perfect project for the kids to make for their class valentine swap. Each one takes just minutes to make so you can whip up a bunch in no time.

cupcakes_by_coconut_laneThis site, Cherrymix, has patterns for little food items made from felt. Aren’t these little cupcakes cute? Cherrymix has been around since 2001. It was originally just a gallery site showcasing their personal work. In 2003 it opened a store selling plush toys. The store closed in 2006, but the free patterns have stayed online. You can download patterns for a fortune cookie, a cupcake, a marshmallow, a loaf of bread, and three for sushi: shrimp tempura, mini mochas, and onigiri.

Until next time!

My dog, Hemi, has an obsession with kitties. We can’t tell if he loves them or hates them. I found this tutorial for kitty ornaments. I’m thinking if I make several and place them in his favorite places, I may be able to help him overcome his ‘little’ phobia. You can find the pattern at Annie’s Cupboard. If you like primitive this is the place to go. The site has everything from Raggedy Annie to Christmas and Halloween items. She has a lot of free patterns that you can download, and she lets you sell what you make.

You find charm packs everywhere these days. I’m sometimes at a loss what to do with them, other than make quilts. Buttonberry has this tutorial to make a nice charm tote. She also has this tutorial for a Posh Pick n Mix bag that takes very little fabric and very little time.

I haven’t bought a pumpkin in a couple of years. I always say I’m going to but never get around to it. Probably because I feel obligated to make pumpkin pies or something out of those disgusting innards. And Roger always wants to toast or roast or bake…whatever it is you do with those seeds. However, I’ve found this pumpkin pattern at Schlosser Designs, which will satisfy my yearning for a pumpkin but won’t do much for Roger’s seed toasting/roasting. While you’re downloading the pattern check out her other tutorials. She’s got some neat ones!

Until next time!

Well, I spent a little time wandering around the web and found a few neat projects that I filed away in my huge stack of papers that I really must go through one day. You may be interested in them too.

Pink Penguin shows how to make this reversible patchwork tote bag. You can find the tutorial here. I wonder how this would look made out of old tee shirts? I mentioned in an earlier post (Make this: #12) about Pink Penguin’s tutorial to make a fabric basket. I know some of you made her baskets and told me how easy her tutorial’s are.

For those of you who sell your crafts here’s a little tutorial on how to make your own labels. Even if you don’t sell your creations, it’s still nice to put in a label so that someone knows that you took the time to make them a special gift. The tutorial includes photos so it’s easy to follow. You’ll find that making your own labels is cheaper than having them custom made. 

L’arbre de Bobines tells you how to make this drawstring bag. Isn’t it so cute? I think these would make great little gift bags. I think the site is either French or Italian. The tutorial is in English but you may have to read parts of it two or three times in order to grasp what you’re supposed to do. Still, it looks easy enough to follow. Plus, she says you can contact her if you have problems or questions.

Here’s a couple of pin cushions that will look nice in your sewing room and look easy to make. UK lass in US has a tutorial for the apple here, and you can find the instructions for the pear here. She also has this tutorial for a fabric doll house that will make a nice Christmas gift for a little girl.

Finally, some nifty projects disappeared from the Kunin Felt website when they reorganized. Blossom the bear and Skippy the rabbit were some cute ones from 2000. You can find Blossom here, and Skippy is here. I found these links through Silver Seams Open Source Sewing. If you sell your crafts then you need to check this site. Her patterns are available for you to make and sell. Here is what she says,

Some years back, I decided there was a need for “open source” sewing patterns – not just free instructions on the web with a “You can use this but don’t resell the results” afterthought, but properly licensed stuff like I use when I’m wearing my software developer hat. Since then, the potential for hobby crafters to sell their work has only increased (Etsy, etc.), so there’s more need than ever for the ability to sell stuff without worrying about getting a special dispensation from the pattern designer, or worrying about a C&D or a DMCA takedown notice.

I hope you’ll try your hand at some of these projects. Until next time!

I happened upon MJ Trimming by accident, but I found this tutorial for a button bouquet. You can find the how to’s here. According to their website, MJ Trimming, based in New York, has over one million products, including rhinestone crystals from Austria, silk Jacquards from France, hand-cast metal buttons from Italy, and handmade wood-beaded fringes from India. They say that visiting the store is like a trip to a candy store for creative people. For those of us who cannot make it to any of the M&J retail stores in New York as often as we would like, well, we can shop around the clock at

The blog, Bloom, has this tutorial for her blossie bag. Her original bag was made for her 12-year old daughter to take as a gift to a friend’s birthday party. Well, I really like this bag, but I’m not telling you how old I am! Check this link to see other fabric combinations for making this bag. Be sure and check out her tutorialfor ‘easy peasy bag pockets’ and her tutorial for ‘faux piped bag handles’.

Sew Sassy Mama has instructions for making this fabric grab ball. This is a new blog. Her first post was in mid-July. It’s always nice to find that people have visited your blog, so be sure and visit and leave a little thank you note.

With fall just around the corner, check out the J. Caroline Creative tutorialon making a Halloween basket with a place mat. She’ll also show you you how to make these nifty storage baskets in two different sizes. I must try my hand at these as I don’t think a person can ever have too many places to store one’s junk important objects.

I’m not sure what Manucré is calling this bag, but whatever its name…it’s cute! Quite simple. Here are the instructions. The site is in French but it translates into easy to follow directions. If you have the time, she has some tasty looking recipes you might want to try (if you can figure out how to convert her measurements). Maybe I can talk Michell into giving some of them a go. Those French classes in high school will come in handy in situations like this. As well as those years of culinary school!

You can make this little boxy pouch from three bears. You can see how here. This little bag is only 4.5 inches long, 3 inches high and 2 inches deep. Just big enough for a lipstick and a compact (or better still, she suggests lots of candy).

Finally, here’s a handy wall organizer for your sewing room, bathroom, closet, office…anywhere you need some storage for little things. Here’s the instructions. I just happened to pick up some of that apple and pear fabric a few weeks ago.

Until next time!

The Angry Chicken has a tutorial to make this five minute skirt. You can download a PDF with the instructions. By the way, the five minute rule only applies if you use a serger, but it’s a simple skirt so even using a sewing machine won’t add much time. It’s a two piece pattern with no waist band. While you’re there, be sure and watch her how to video on applying bias tape. Besides being informative, it’s also entertaining and you can see how to make a cheap video with a low budget.

Aren’t these sharp looking quilts? These are made by Karen Griska at Selvage I’ve decided I just really enjoy the look of things made with selvages, which these quilts are done in. I’m not sure how long it takes to collect enough selvages to make a quilt. Karen has this tutorial that shows you how to make several types of blocks using selvages. The FAQ also has interesting info on using selvages.

The newest project at DIY Style is a foldover clutch purse. You can download a PDF with instructions that show you how to make it with and without the decorative details on the flap. You can see all the other projects listed here. They have a little bit of everything: fashion, home decorating, and even some doggie duds. I don’t think I can get my dogs into any kind of duds so I didn’t even look at these patterns.

Finally, Dizzy Daisy shows how to decorate button clip and bobby pins to match your outfit. A very simple and easy tutorial that uses fabric scraps, a fabric covered button kit, glue, and a pair of needle nosed pliers.

Until next time!

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