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Pink Penguin has several nice tutorials. Here are the instructions to make a fabric basket. This tutorial is very easy to follow. I think I’ll make some of these to use around the house and in my sewing room. These  would also make nice gift baskets for someone special. Especially if they’re done in birthday or Christmas fabric. While you’re at the Pink Penguin be sure and check out her other tutorials for both a pen and camera case.

My girls are in their twenties and have already moved out on their own and, unfortunately for me, there are no grandchildren in sight in the near (or distant) future. However, for those of you who still have a little girl at home, Grand Revival Design has this tutorial for a ruffled skirt. She also has this pattern for a cute little girl’s hat. This tutorial is very easy. You can whip up several of these in one sewing session.

You can download the bird pattern at Spool to make this cute mobile. Look for the link to the PDF in the upper right corner. Over the next few months Spool is planning to give directions to make the bird mobile. Each bird only takes two pieces of fabric so throw in a needle & thread and you have a great travel project.

Until next time!


Ric Rac made this tutorial for a little tape measure pouch to carry her sharp scissors in to class. This is one very talented lady. She has several tutorials on her site and freely admits to an obsession with fabric selvages. In an earlier post I gave you her link to make a selvage quilt. Her other tutorials include a bucket bag…very cute. You can find it here. Finally, here are instructions to make her one hour bag.

Carla’s Feathered Fibers has a tutorial on how to create ‘inchies’. Inchies are one inch quilts that are fast and fun to make. What can you do with these? Lots of things. You can frame them as a set and hang them on your wall, you can use them to embellish a quilt or other project, or add an eyelet and make your own necklace or bracelet. You can take part in a swap or a challenge where a coordinator will give details such as size, color, theme, etc. This is a basic tutorial, but Carla encourages you to expand as you learn, especially when it’s time to embellish your inchies. If you find the one inch size too intimidating then try making double inches (two inches) or inchies plus (one and a half inches). Carla has several other tutorials that you can find here.

Until next time!

Amy Butler has a new pattern for a business card holder. Click free patterns from her main website.

Dorie Schwarz has created the Frounchess bag, which is a style that’s very popular now. You can find the instructions here. Dorie’s posted a PDF that you can download, and she also a step by step online tutorial.

Crafty Daisies has a scrap sack tutorial here. This one doesn’t give measurements because it all depends on the size of your scraps or strips. I think I might find something else to use as handles as I’m not sure how well grosgrain ribbon will hold up. Let me know if you have other ideas.

Chickpea Sewing Studio made a tutorial for the Sewing Republic showing how to make reversible place mats. You can see the video here. The instructions are also in a PDF that you can download. Go here to see other projects at the Sewing Republic.

Hope you can use some of these. Until next time!

Have you always wanted your own Hermes purse? Couldn’t afford it? Well, here’s your chance! Visit here and download your own paper Hermes Kelly purse. It’s a little on the small side, and it might hold a pack of gum, but what the heck, it’s a Hermes! And won’t it look nice hanging off your arm… uh, finger!

If your office is drab and plain (like mine) then here’s a nice way to snazzy it up. Decorate your office equipment with fabric. How About Orange tells you how. She’s tried a couple of different techniques and found that the easiest is HeatnBond. At one time I found a link to make fabric folders. I’ll have to look for that again. Here’s an idea: set your new Hermes purse on the corner of your desk. Won’t your co-workers be jealous?

One can never have enough purses so here’s a very nice tutorial for an easy purse from Sew-Mad. I love this purse, and I’d really like to know where she bought her fabric. I love the red floral. I always seem to have black polka dot in my stash so that’s easy enough, but I’m definitely keeping my eyes open for this red or something similar. Let me know if you’ve seen this fabric or something like it.

Madmuffins and Woogiemonsters has a checkbook cover tutorialthat is easy to follow. Also check out her It’s a Cinch Book bag tutorial for a nice size tote bag…not too big, not too small. I really don’t like giant, oversized tote bags so this one is nice.

I really, really need to turn on the sewing machine and make something. I need to look through my things and see what I have in all those patterns and fabric that I’ve bought and then stashed away.

Until next time!

Here’s a few neat things I’ve found. Still Dottie has a tutorial showing how to make fabric stitched note cards. While you’re there be sure and check out some of her other neat tutorials.

Here’s another neat site: You have to register, but you can download free books! Search for crafts and hobbies, and you’ll find books on quilting, crocheting, knitting, and applique. They also have sections on cooking, computers, home and garden, and childrens’ books. And they’re all free!

We postponed our weekend trip to Ikea until June. My niece, Kristin, is ill and doesn’t know if she’ll be able to make the trip. She’s the one who suggested going so we decided it wasn’t fair to make the trip without her. Waiting until June is better because my mom and sister are thinking about following us home to help me paint  visit with us for a few days.

Roger is happy about the change in plans. He really wanted to go scuba diving, but said that he’d drive me to Dallas because he didn’t want me going by myself. Jenifer called this evening to say that it looks like she might get off this weekend after all, so Roger asked her to go diving with him. So it’s worked out well all the way around (except for Kristin, and I hope she gets to feeling better soon).

Until next time!

I found these little fabric baskets at Moogsmum. She made some of these for storage in her sewing room, but she also has a photo of some cute Easter baskets she made with this pattern. I really like this coiled basket from Cultured Expressions, but I’m just not sure I have the patience to make baskets. This one’s done using a FasTurn® tube, and it’s an easy enough project to do while you’re watching tv one evening, but all that stuffing!


Chickpea Sewing Studio has a fabric pinwheel tutorial here. Okay, this one does have just a little hand sewing. Easy, peasy.

You can make these cute alphabet letters from Purlbee’s tutorial. No sewing on this one at all! Be sure and check out all the tutorials while you’re there. This looks like a great project for a teenage girl.

And how cute are these little button flowers? Artsy-Crafty Babe tells you how to make them right here. She’s made hers into pins, but I think these would look cute sewn onto a purse, tote, or shirt. Okay, it does mean a little more sewing. What do you think?

Until next time!

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