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I’m still here! We started painting our house two weeks ago, and it’s slow going. The cleaning, the taping, the trim work, more taping, the walls, cleaning the brushes, removing the tape. My mother and sister helped us do the kitchen, the breakfast room, and the hall. It took us four days to do these rooms. Here’s the new look (excuse the ‘stuff’ laying around, but we’re still putting everything back in it’s place and hanging things back on the walls):

Can you see the pale yellow on the walls? The official name is Havana Cream. The trim is done in Swiss Coffee. We decided the Swiss must take a lot of cream in their coffee. We’re doing the dining room this weekend, and then we’ll move on to the living room in the next few weeks.  The living room is going to be a nightmare because we have a cathedral ceiling with 16 foot walls. We’ve decided we’re going to have to rent scaffolding to do the ceiling and the walls.

Jenifer has finally received orders for school and is leaving for Yorktown, Virginia in August. Her school is in Marine Science Technology with the Coast Guard. Once finished she’ll work in marine ecology, and she’s hoping to be stationed on either the east or west coast. I’m excited for her, but I still hate to see her go. It’s been nice having her stationed close to home for the last few years. Jenifer is taking two weeks of leave,  and Michell is coming home for a few days during that time so we’ll have a nice visit before she leaves for Virginia.

It’s been quite hot here in Texas. The dog days of summer. We’ve been in the upper 90s for the past few weeks and, of course, we always have high humidity, which makes it seem hotter still. Even the breeze is hot. I sometimes wonder why I bother to put on makeup. The weatherman keeps saying we should expect thunderstorms, but so far we’ve only seen a few sprinkles and dark clouds off in the distance. Here’s a nice cold drink that I’ve digitized. You can download it from the box on the right.

Until next time!


I wanted to try digitizing an outline using different colors. Is this also called redwork? I picked this simple design. It was easy! I sewed these out and they both look great.

It didn’t take me all day to do these two designs. I started a few more, deleted quite a few. But I also changed the sheets, did the laundry, washed the dishes, picked up the house, and spent some time with ‘the boys’ (or the three little pigs). Because Roger was in Houston today, the dogs kept me company in my sewing room. 

I had a very quiet, slow Saturday. It was nice to stay home for a change. 

Until next time!

I was cleaning out files on my laptop this evening, and I found this design I digitized some time ago. I redid it this evening. I deleted quite a few of my earlier designs tonight, but I found a few that aren’t too bad and salvageable with some tweaking. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I think I submitted this one to Ann the Gran and Sew Forum when I first digitized it. I was so proud of myself. Well, we all must start somewhere. Anyway, I’ve redone it and it sews out quite nice.

I’ve recently stepped down as rescue coordinator for the South Central Bloodhound Club. I will finally have time to sew again. I still plan to help out with rescuing and helping the dogs, but I’ve so missed my sewing. I’m trying to decide what to sew first…choices, choices.

Until next time!


I’ll let you in on this little secret. I’ve posted this set of hats to download. Now I’ve got to go and draw up a design that someone has requested.

Until next time!

It’s Monday again. I got to work this morning and my mouse wouldn’t work. I banged it around quite a bit, and it still didn’t see things my way. Come to find out, it just needed a new battery, but there were no batteries in the supply cabinet. I made the rounds of my co-workers until I finally found someone who had one tucked away in their desk drawer. I forgot to pick up my keys when I left work so tomorrow morning I’ll have to hunt someone up who can let me into my office. 

I’m going into work late tomorrow as I have to drop Moose off at the vet. He’s having eye surgery. His tear ducts are blocked, and the medicine we’ve given him over the last few months hasn’t worked as intended. Moose is twelve years old, and we really had to ask ourselves if this was a wise thing to do; however, he still plays with the other dogs, and he runs across the yard when it’s time to come in the house. He usually spends more time in the house than out and just sleeps the day away. I know he’s going to be very grouchy in the morning because he’s not going to get his breakfast kibble, which means I’m going to have to drag him into the vet’s office. Wouldn’t you know I have a meeting tomorrow morning, and I’ll show up covered in dog hair. I’ll wear brown and that should hide most of it.

I fully intended to come home this evening and start sewing…something! But Roger was starving, ravenous so we went out for dinner. I finished up this design when I got home. I got a pattern for a makeup bag and plan to use this when I sew it up. I’m thinking the bag will make a neat little gift. The design sews out very nice. I’ve put it in the downloads so you can use it if you like.

Until next time!

My new Maytag Epic washer and dryer were installed this past Thursday. Maytag recommends that you use the new “high-efficiency” detergent in these so I had to make a run to Target to get some.  The washer uses very little water; in fact, I can hardly see any water in the tub when it’s washing. I can hear it when it empties, but even that doesn’t take very long. Much more energy efficient.

The small book that came with both of them are required reading in order to use them properly. The old days of washers with a knob for load type, a knob for water temperature, and an on/off button are gone. As well as dryers with a heat setting knob and an on/off button. The new washer lets me set either pre-set or manual settings, and lets me decide how dirty the load is, how fast I want the drum to spin, and then it tells me how long it’s going to take to wash the load. Ditto with the dryer. I’m very impressed.

Roger went scuba diving today, and I plan to straighten up the house and clean up my sewing room. As you can tell, I haven’t started picking up anything, but I’m writing this instead. My sewing room is looking messy, and I’d like to rearrange it to make better use of the space. I haven’t decided yet what will work best. 

I did this tulip design last night and started on a set of redwork hats. I’m still working on a website, but it’s close to the bottom of my list these days. Roger and I are working on the house. We’re getting ready to start painting on the inside so we can put down wood floors in the living and dining rooms. Once we’re done painting the inside we’re painting the outside, but that’s going to take a little longer because we’re arguing on the color.

I’ve posted the tulips so you can download them. Until next time!


I forgot to upload the tulip design. It’s there now!

Roger and I celebrated our anniversary on May 24th. We’ve been married 33 years. Is that too long? I ask because we didn’t give each other diamond rings, roses, a cruise, a romantic weekend; we didn’t go out for a romantic dinner or a night of dancing.

He gave me a new washer, and I gave him a new dryer. We even gave each other a pedestal to raise them up so we won’t have to bend over to do the laundry. How romantic can you get? Granted, the old washer and dryer aren’t working like they used to (although I keep telling Roger that smaller loads do wash and dry faster and better), and we’ve talked about replacing them. What luck that Texas decided to have a tax-free weekend on energy saving appliances the same month of our anniversary! 

Well, it all works out well. Jenifer’s dryer is not heating so she’s taking both our old washer and dryer. Of course, she needs to find someone with a truck in order to take them back to Beaumont…a three-hour drive from here.

So, you’ve noticed that I’ve digitized Roger overloading the washer (as usual) and me cleaning up the mess. I think I’ll use these to make him a nice anniversary card, and I’ll give it to him when he takes me out for a nice dinner…romantic, of course.

Until next time!

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