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Posted on: October 25, 2008

As you know, Roger left town last weekend for a week in Las Vegas and a week in Reno. No, he’s not there trying to add to our retirement or gambling it away. He’s gone to a week long scuba convention in Vegas, and he’s attending a work meeting in Reno.

I’d like to know why the minute he leaves town everything starts going wrong. No sooner had he left the driveway than Hemi got sick. I’m not sure if he ate some dead treasure he found out in the yard, if it was stress over Roger leaving, or if he picked up some ‘bug’ somewhere (not that he’s been out gallivanting around), but his illness went on for days and days and days. I had to take him to the vet school last Wednesday for his second cancer vaccine and mentioned it to the vet who put him on an antibiotic. He’s finally stopped leaving me ‘evidence’ of his illness, but he still seems very tired.

On Monday morning on the way to work I noticed my car making a very loud, strange and definitely not normal chugging sound. The ‘service engine soon’ light hasn’t come on so I’m guessing it’s not an emergency…yet. I’ve found if I turn up the radio it drowns out a lot of the noise. I’m concerned that the music might be too loud. It doesn’t seem like my mini van is vibrating too much from the music, but I am keeping my eyes on the people in the cars around me to see if I’m getting any strange looks.

Jenifer finished her Coast Guard school in Yorktown, Virginia and is heading home. I’ve been talking to her as she’s driving. She spent last night outside of Atlanta and hopes to be here sometime tonight. I’m not so sure. It’s a long drive from Atlanta to College Station, Texas. She was hoping to get stationed in Baltimore, but where did they send here? Back to Port Arthur, Texas! She’s got a different station this time (there are several Coast Guard stations along the Texas coast). She’ll be working out of the Marine Safety Office inspecting ships coming through the Houston ship channel. I’m excited that she’s close to home again, but I don’t think she’s as thrilled about it as I am.

Michell is coming in on Monday evening. Her original plan was to come on Wednesday, and she moved it to Tuesday. Last week she decided that she was going to come on Monday instead. Next Friday the three of us are going to the Houston Quilt Show. I’m not sure if we’re going to Ikea early in the week. Michell had mentioned going several weeks ago.

Here’s a design for Christmas. I haven’t started any Christmas sewing. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me unless I’m rushing around and stressing. How do I do that? I wait to start anything until about two weeks before the big day. On the other hand, Debbie, my older sister, starts buying next year’s gifts right after Christmas. I think she has everything wrapped before Thanksgiving! I know for a fact that she’s lost a gift or two by stashing it away, say in July, and forgetting where she hid it when it comes time to wrap. 

Until next time!


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