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I’m still here

Posted on: July 18, 2008

I’m still here! We started painting our house two weeks ago, and it’s slow going. The cleaning, the taping, the trim work, more taping, the walls, cleaning the brushes, removing the tape. My mother and sister helped us do the kitchen, the breakfast room, and the hall. It took us four days to do these rooms. Here’s the new look (excuse the ‘stuff’ laying around, but we’re still putting everything back in it’s place and hanging things back on the walls):

Can you see the pale yellow on the walls? The official name is Havana Cream. The trim is done in Swiss Coffee. We decided the Swiss must take a lot of cream in their coffee. We’re doing the dining room this weekend, and then we’ll move on to the living room in the next few weeks.  The living room is going to be a nightmare because we have a cathedral ceiling with 16 foot walls. We’ve decided we’re going to have to rent scaffolding to do the ceiling and the walls.

Jenifer has finally received orders for school and is leaving for Yorktown, Virginia in August. Her school is in Marine Science Technology with the Coast Guard. Once finished she’ll work in marine ecology, and she’s hoping to be stationed on either the east or west coast. I’m excited for her, but I still hate to see her go. It’s been nice having her stationed close to home for the last few years. Jenifer is taking two weeks of leave,  and Michell is coming home for a few days during that time so we’ll have a nice visit before she leaves for Virginia.

It’s been quite hot here in Texas. The dog days of summer. We’ve been in the upper 90s for the past few weeks and, of course, we always have high humidity, which makes it seem hotter still. Even the breeze is hot. I sometimes wonder why I bother to put on makeup. The weatherman keeps saying we should expect thunderstorms, but so far we’ve only seen a few sprinkles and dark clouds off in the distance. Here’s a nice cold drink that I’ve digitized. You can download it from the box on the right.

Until next time!


2 Responses to "I’m still here"

I like the way you did the crosses

It all looks very nice and fresh. I am enjoying all your
photos. I will enjoy seeing your curtains when you finish.
Yes, I can see you will need some contrasting colors to
finish the decor. How about a padded cornice box for your
window, it allows you to embroider something very special
and make a very unique window topper. Not hard just
use a staple gun to put on the batting and then wrap it
with your fabric, I have made a few for my sister and my
daughter…., or how about some V-shaped toppers, with
some embroidered bouquets in the center. I did those
and showed them on SF. I did not do embroidery on mine,
but I have seen some that looked very nice since then when you can do the larger hoop style, I have a 4×4 but
I may have to do try it when I do my bedroom.

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