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Back to work…again

Posted on: June 9, 2008

It’s Monday again. I got to work this morning and my mouse wouldn’t work. I banged it around quite a bit, and it still didn’t see things my way. Come to find out, it just needed a new battery, but there were no batteries in the supply cabinet. I made the rounds of my co-workers until I finally found someone who had one tucked away in their desk drawer. I forgot to pick up my keys when I left work so tomorrow morning I’ll have to hunt someone up who can let me into my office. 

I’m going into work late tomorrow as I have to drop Moose off at the vet. He’s having eye surgery. His tear ducts are blocked, and the medicine we’ve given him over the last few months hasn’t worked as intended. Moose is twelve years old, and we really had to ask ourselves if this was a wise thing to do; however, he still plays with the other dogs, and he runs across the yard when it’s time to come in the house. He usually spends more time in the house than out and just sleeps the day away. I know he’s going to be very grouchy in the morning because he’s not going to get his breakfast kibble, which means I’m going to have to drag him into the vet’s office. Wouldn’t you know I have a meeting tomorrow morning, and I’ll show up covered in dog hair. I’ll wear brown and that should hide most of it.

I fully intended to come home this evening and start sewing…something! But Roger was starving, ravenous so we went out for dinner. I finished up this design when I got home. I got a pattern for a makeup bag and plan to use this when I sew it up. I’m thinking the bag will make a neat little gift. The design sews out very nice. I’ve put it in the downloads so you can use it if you like.

Until next time!


1 Response to "Back to work…again"

You are so busy! How do you have time to digitize? Thank you for the design.

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