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If you remember, I picked up Coco in Oklahoma and brought her home with us to foster. Coco’s original owner’s gave her up because she chewed. Coco is a seven-month old puppy. And Coco is a handful! 

Fortunately, Coco has fit right in with the boys. They certainly show a lot of patience with her. When she’s not sleeping, she’s jumping on them, chewing on their noses and ears, or teasing them into playing with her. Moose and Hemi have only growled at her once…so far. Jake just takes it all, but with such a hang dog look (no pun intended) on his face. I think he’ll be very happy when we find Coco a permanent home.

Coco has no manners. She’s learned to sit, and we’re working on stopping her from jumping up on us when she gets excited. She knows she has to go into her crate to eat and sleep. Of course, bribing her with treats helps tremendously.

Coco’s cute and Coco’s funny, and we won’t have any trouble finding her a new family that will enjoy her and give her the love that she deserves.

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Coco has a new home! A family in New Mexico is adopting Coco. She’ll be moving in around mid-July. This is a wonderful family, and they are excited about getting Coco.

I finally got my photos off my camera from my trip to Oklahoma over Memorial Day. It was a nice visit with family but, as usual, too short. Here’s a few photos that I took of my family.

This is Michell, my oldest daughter; Debbie, my older sister; and my mom at the Paseo Arts Festival. We went early in the morning hoping to beat the heat. Foolish thinking. I’ve been buying these stained glass plates at the festival the last few years. I bought the green and yellow one this year. These are very unique…at least I think so. Notice that the plates in the middle are depression glass.

This is Brian, my nephew, at my mom’s house. He’s my younger sister’s son. This is his little girl, Bailey, who turned two in January. She’s the first great grandchild on my side of the family. She let me read a book with her, but she wouldn’t share her popcorn. I think she’s daring me to take just one kernel out of her bowl.

This is my niece, Kristin, and her boyfriend, Bryce, grilling hamburgers for dinner. Rather, Bryce was cooking and Kristin was supervising. Debbie and Kristin had a little competition on who brought the best salad. Kristin was never a cook. She’d prefer to eat out every meal (she definitely has some of my genes). But she’s learning and, while I’m not a fan of macaroni salad, her’s was pretty good. Then she told me it came out of a box.

These are the Buffalo Soldiers at the Memorial Day ceremony at the Fort Sill National Cemetary. It’s always very impressive. I’m always teary eyed through the whole thing, especially when they play Taps and lower the flag The saddest and hardest part is putting flowers at my dad’s grave site. It never gets easier.

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