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Lola…again has posted tutorials to make her angel and jenny bags. The angel bag is the pink one, and the jenny bag is the orange. She also has a few more tutorials on her site so check them out while you’re there.

Show Your Workings has this tutorial for a Japanese knot bag. The tutorial is actually a PDF so you can download it to your computer. The pattern uses two fat quarters and is reversible. Very cute.

Lila Tueller Designs has this tutorial to make a cute little dress out of a ‘onesie’. It’s a great project to use up your fabric scraps, and it’s easy to make. I’ll remind you all again that I still don’t have grandchildren (Michell…are you reading this?), but perhaps some of you can make this cute little dress for a cute little girl.

Until next time!

I wanted to try digitizing an outline using different colors. Is this also called redwork? I picked this simple design. It was easy! I sewed these out and they both look great.

It didn’t take me all day to do these two designs. I started a few more, deleted quite a few. But I also changed the sheets, did the laundry, washed the dishes, picked up the house, and spent some time with ‘the boys’ (or the three little pigs). Because Roger was in Houston today, the dogs kept me company in my sewing room. 

I had a very quiet, slow Saturday. It was nice to stay home for a change. 

Until next time!

Sugarbug is giving away either a bag, an apron, cloth napkins, or a child’s smock. Your choice…if she picks your name! Sign up for it here.

I was cleaning out files on my laptop this evening, and I found this design I digitized some time ago. I redid it this evening. I deleted quite a few of my earlier designs tonight, but I found a few that aren’t too bad and salvageable with some tweaking. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I think I submitted this one to Ann the Gran and Sew Forum when I first digitized it. I was so proud of myself. Well, we all must start somewhere. Anyway, I’ve redone it and it sews out quite nice.

I’ve recently stepped down as rescue coordinator for the South Central Bloodhound Club. I will finally have time to sew again. I still plan to help out with rescuing and helping the dogs, but I’ve so missed my sewing. I’m trying to decide what to sew first…choices, choices.

Until next time!


It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Where should I start? Last Saturday we drove to Post, Texas, which is just outside Lubbock, and almost a seven hour drive from home. We delivered Coco to her new family, who drove about the same distance from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here are the last photos I took of her before she left.

Please ignore all the water on the wall in the photo of Moose and Coco drinking. Coco does enjoy a long, cool drink of water, and she also enjoys tossing it all over the floor, the wall, herself, and any other dog that just happens to be near.

On our way home we got behind this guy, and he was not happy to be in this trailer.

If you remember, a few weeks ago we took Jenifer our old washer and dryer. While we there I visited a couple of quilt stores in the area. I didn’t buy anything in the first one, but I picked up these fat quarters in the second one. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time in this shop because my ‘traveling companions’ were getting quite bored and ready to move on.

I’ve spent a small fortune on gas the last few weekends. I plan to stay home this next weekend; however, Roger’s planning a trip to Houston to see his dad. He’s planning to take his Jeep, with the top off, and I find nothing enjoyable or fun about riding through blast furnace temperatures with the hot wind whipping through my hair. I’m not even going to discuss the bugs splatting off the windshield!

Until next time!

I’ll let you in on this little secret. I’ve posted this set of hats to download. Now I’ve got to go and draw up a design that someone has requested.

Until next time!

Pink Penguin has several nice tutorials. Here are the instructions to make a fabric basket. This tutorial is very easy to follow. I think I’ll make some of these to use around the house and in my sewing room. These  would also make nice gift baskets for someone special. Especially if they’re done in birthday or Christmas fabric. While you’re at the Pink Penguin be sure and check out her other tutorials for both a pen and camera case.

My girls are in their twenties and have already moved out on their own and, unfortunately for me, there are no grandchildren in sight in the near (or distant) future. However, for those of you who still have a little girl at home, Grand Revival Design has this tutorial for a ruffled skirt. She also has this pattern for a cute little girl’s hat. This tutorial is very easy. You can whip up several of these in one sewing session.

You can download the bird pattern at Spool to make this cute mobile. Look for the link to the PDF in the upper right corner. Over the next few months Spool is planning to give directions to make the bird mobile. Each bird only takes two pieces of fabric so throw in a needle & thread and you have a great travel project.

Until next time!

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