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I wish you bluebirds in the spring…

Posted on: March 28, 2008

birdie.jpgI started this little bird a few weeks ago when the weather started warming up and made me think of spring. I finished it this evening. I have quite a few designs in various stages and I’ve decided that I need to finish some of them. A friend asked me to do a few wedding designs for her, and two women I work with are expecting so I need to start thinking about those as well.

Remember the little female bloodhound that Roger and I picked up last Sunday? Her name is Lucy Lou and her owner came to get her this evening. We just knew that someone was looking for her. Lucy was too well behaved and well mannered to have been lost for very long. Her owner has decided to get Lucy micro-chipped so hopefully she won’t have to go through this again. Our three boys are micro-chipped and those chips have helped us get our dogs back when they bolted ‘escaped’ from the backyard. The boys are certainly going to miss Lucy. You’d think they’d never seen a girl! They made complete fools out of themselves whenever she was around.  

Until next time.


4 Responses to "I wish you bluebirds in the spring…"

What a cutie! and how fitting…I just saw our first little bluebird..spring is not too far away.

Sorry to hear that you have to give up Lucy. I had to laugh at the boys trying to win her affection….the silly boys! lol

Thanks, Karen! Let me know how he stitches out for you. I’ve still got the bunny to check out, but we’ve been so busy the last few weeks that I’ve barely turned on my machines.

It was nice to see Lucy go home. She did cause quite a stir in the house in the short time she was here. That’s why we usually try to foster only males. Not to worry though! There’s always another dog coming into the rescue program.

HI Pam,

Love the bird…I can see it in all different colors–not just blue!!

Glad to hear your rescued little girl found her people…we would just be heartbroken if any of our girls disappeared. Dogs rule!!!


You can change the colors to whatever you need.

We were so happy that Lucy found her way home. We thought we were going to have to pick up a dog this coming weekend at the Cleveland, TX animal shelter. Fortunately, someone came in and adopted him. The dogs from the shelters are always the saddest ones. They’ve usually been wandering and on their own for quite some time so they are just bags of bones, sick, some have been abused, and so they need a lot of love and care. But, for all they’ve been through, most are still willing to give us another chance.

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