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j0400826.jpgRoger’s birthday was on March 24th. We’ve been so busy the last few weeks that it almost slipped my mind. I probably would have forgotten if Jenifer hadn’t given him his birthday gifts while we were visiting her this past weekend. She wrapped his gifts (shirts and the DVDs I am Legend and Beowulf) in old Coast Guard charts, which I think impressed Roger more than the gifts! I haven’t asked, but I think he’s planning on hanging them in his office.

23661-lg.jpgRoger’s been fixing up his Jeep over the last year or so. By fixing up, I mean adding such necessities as roll bars, side step bars, a locking glove box, a new soft top, and a new aluminum radiator. The latest (and his birthday gift) is a roof rack that converts to a sunshade in minutes! He says this is very important to have when he goes scuba diving, and I suppose a roof rack that converts to a sunshade is probably handy at a hot lake. So, the kit has come in (two BIG boxes), and he plans to  spend Sunday putting it on his Jeep.

travelpostcard.jpgjoplincar.jpgWe had a great time visiting with Jenifer and her boyfriend, Daniel. They took us to a Cajun restaurant, where Roger and Daniel both had their own bucket of crawfish that took them ‘hours’ to finish. ‘Tis the season. We went to the Museum of the Gulf Coast because Roger wanted to see Janis Joplin’s Porsche. I must say that I wasn’t aware that so many musicians came from the Gulf Coast. Daniel was quite taken by the exhibit on Johnny and Edgar Winter. I’m showing my age here, but anyone who was around in the 70s will remember them as the albino brothers with the long white hair. The only hits I remember are Frankenstein and Free Ride but, in fairness, they weren’t my favorite band, and they both probably have many more big hits. The photos in the exhibit showed them on stage in their early days with their long white hair flowing. The museum is a hidden gem in Port Arthur, and it is well worth the trip if you ever make it that far south in Texas. Until next time.

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Roger!

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