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rabbit2.jpgHere’s one last design for Easter. The University is on Spring Break this week, and we’re leaving town on Tuesday to go see my mom, sister, and oldest daughter, Michell, in Oklahoma. We’ll be back home on Sunday evening. Easter is the next weekend, and we’re going to see our youngest daughter, Jenifer, in Beaumont. She’s already hinted that she wants an Easter basket. While I was out running errands on Saturday I got her a small bag, a chocolate bunny and a few other Easter goodies. She said she needed her chocolate bunny without ears. When they were younger, Roger always bit the ears off their Easter bunnies. One of those things that grew into a family ‘tradition’. I told her I would not dye eggs for her! Until next time.

 Let’s go sew!

bunny-napkins-1.jpgbunny-napkins-2.jpgMy friend, thejaxfrog, sent me these pictures of a set of Easter napkins she made for her family. They are so cute! I met thejaxfrog on Sew Forum and she helps me test stitch my designs. Thanks jax!

If any of you have used my designs, please send me photos. I’d love to see what you’ve done with them.

Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.

family1.jpgMy dad passed away on March 20, 2003. Today is his birthday, and I miss him. The pain lessens but never truly goes away.

We can now laugh at remembered events, things that were said, and old family jokes. We can talk about family picnics; camping in a tent in what was surely the worst thunderstorm in history; the time he lost his glasses over the side of the boat; how he hated losing at any game whether it was cards, dominoes or a board game; and how he could watch any sport on TV, even golf, although he never played the game in his life. But there are all those moments—a graduation, a granddaughter joining the military, the birth of a great granddaughter, a marriage—when we shed silent tears and wish he were still here, with us, where he’s needed and loved.

When I was a teenager my dad and I butted heads often. There were a few times that we barely spoke to each other. My mother told me it was because we were too much alike. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized she was right. I am my father’s daughter. I have my father’s eyes, his hair, his looks, his humor. I am stubborn, opinionated, I am always right (most of the time), and I know what’s best for everybody (you don’t even have to ask me for advice—I give it freely, and you should listen because I’m always right—most of the time).

My Dad is buried at the Fort Sill National Cemetary in Oklahoma. When he was a young man he joined the U.S. Navy and was stationed on a submarine. After leaving the Navy he joined the U.S. Army, serving until he was medically retired. During his time in the military he served in World War II, the Korean War, and in Vietnam. He retired as a Staff Sergeant Major, received his college degree, and went to work as the Personnel Director for the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

My Dad had a good life, and he made sure his family had a good life too. He was always there for us. He called every Sunday evening to make sure everything was okay, the family was okay, did we need anything. I miss his phone calls, I miss his voice. I miss my Dad.

Until next time.

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